Here's what some of the Recruitment and Search Business Owners we've helped have to say...

"350% increase in turnover and 900% increase in profitability"

"Joining this program is my biggest win"

"This program changed my mindset"

"We've increased our revenue by 57%"

"Just had my best ever quester in business (120% increase)"

"$109K Revenue (best month ever!)"

"Solo Recruiter Bills $500K First Year in business (most within 6 months)"

"6 Retainers in a week!"

"I've raised my standards..."

"50% increase in revenue working 4 days a week"

"We've increased our revenue by 20% and now only work on Exclusive or retained."

"Increased my average fee from 9K to 20K in just 9 months"

"40% increase in revenue..."

"Increased my average fee from 9K to 20K in just 9 months"

"I've built a 7 figure business in my first year, 90% of which was retained"

"£320K Revenue this quarter..."

"We Won £140K in Retained Fees"

"Solo Recruiter went from 100% contingency to Securing £60K in Retained fees"

"We went from $17K per month to $90K+ in 3 months"

"We won a Retainer worth £100K in total fees"

"Second Exclusive Deal since joining at 20%... We used to accept less than 15%"

"We invoiced $60K in fees within 10 weeks as a direct result of what we got from you guys"

"We just secured a 30% Retained fee on a $160K role""

"We won 7 Retainers in one month... More than we did for the whole of last year"

"We won a monthly retainer with a potential revenue value of £500K over the next 6 months"

"We've substantially increased our sales"

"3 Exclusive Deals Won Via the Make More Placements LinkedIn Process"

"From 100% Contingency to 4 Retainers in 3 weeks"

"We Won £140K in Retained Fees"

"We billed $82K worth of business this week with 3 clients"

"We doubled our business revenue, now charge higher fees and work with better clients"

"We doubled our business revenue, now charge higher fees and work with better clients"

"Just had the best quarter I've ever had in my business... We've been going for 9 years!"

"We went from 100% contingency to winning our first retainer within two weeks"

"I doubled my business revenue in just 10 months"

"Revenue is up 60% on this time last year and I'm certain it's down to the change in strategy so thank you!"

"I've generated an extra 20K within 12 weeks of working with you guys compared with the same period last year"

"I'm winning business 5/6 times the fees I used to accept..."

"There's no question about it; if you take action and follow what they tell you to do, your business will grow."

"£35K Retainer won on Friday following the process "

"Our revenue increased 20-30% even during the pandemic... This is some of the best training I've ever had"

"We just closed a £24K deal"

"We won 3 exclusive assignments in one week"

"It's totally transformed my business... My turnover has gone through the roof!"

"Firstly we're 24% up on our end of year target and we've gone from zero retained business to over 50%!"

"We've had the best 6 months..."

(Jim x3 his business while working with us)

"Already Collected £20K Cash... Plus lost more in the pipeline waiting to close"

"We secured 5 new top-quality clients that we wouldn't have got to before in just 3 months"

"Secured my first retainer!"

"Even if you just take away two or three things you weren't doing before it will pay dividends in terms of the impact on your business"

"These techniques will undoubtedly deliver significant growth... I'm very excited"

"This has exponentially expanded my business in a number of areas"

"I would recommend this to any Perm or Contract Recruitment Business who wants to grow"

"Secured my highest fee and first exclusive client without cold calling"

"One strategy landed me one new retained search worth £65K"

Discover How to Make More Placements, for Higher fees and with less work and fewer headaches...

Without endless cold calling, despite your competitors and even if you're a smaller firm...


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