The Insight Exchange: A Tech Luminary Roundtable on the Future of Mental Health


Tuesday, April 2nd
12PM CT | 1PM ET | 10AM PT

About This Event

Welcome to the forefront of mental health innovation with our live streaming event, "The Future of Mental Health Tech." This engaging roundtable discussion brings together industry pioneers to delve into the transformative power of technology in mental health care. Explore cutting-edge developments and insights from leading experts, including John Nosta, Dr. Matt Vogel, and Dr. Nelson Handal, as they discuss the intersection of mental health and technology, shaping a new era of patient care and clinical practice.


Dr. Nelson Handal

Founder of Clinicom and a pioneer in telehealth, offers his expertise in psychiatry, emphasizing the importance of augmented intelligence in healthcare.

John Nosta

A visionary in health tech innovation and founder of NOSTALAB, brings his expertise from the Google Health Advisory Board and WHO Digital Health to our discussion.

Dr. Matt Vogel

CEO of VXVY Mental Health, combines humor with profound insights into mental health innovation, drawing from his rich background to push the boundaries of digital mental health solutions.


Key Points

Attendees of the "Future of Mental Health Tech" live streaming event will learn about:

  • The latest innovations in mental health technology and their impact on care.

  • Strategies for integrating advanced tech into everyday clinical practice.

  • The role of augmented intelligence in enhancing patient outcomes.

  • Insights into the future direction of mental health diagnostics and treatment methodologies.

  • How digital tools are revolutionizing patient engagement and care delivery.

  • The importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in developing tech-based mental health solutions.

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