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About Bodin Media Photography


Rachel, the founder of Bodin Media has been involved in the photography industry for over 17 years, she has a passion for creativity, and producing images that her clients cherish for many years.

Taylored Sessions For You

Rachel can combine and customize sessions for you. This image with the Zebra was created as part of a portrait session for a teen with low self esteem.


Rachel, You did such a good job! It's just beautiful. I keep looking at them!!

Angela W

These pictures are FANTASTIC!!!!

Becca H

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Included In a Family Session?

Rachel's Family Sessions aim to capture the moments and connections within your family. Here's what you can expect from a Family Session:

Individual Portraits: Each person in your family will have the opportunity to shine with individual portraits. Rachel believes each family member's unique personality deserves to be celebrated.

Parent Portraits: Rachel understands the significance of parental bonds, so she includes a photo of just the parents. It is the parents that form the foundation of a family.

Kids Group Portrait: Children bring energy and joy to a family dynamic. Rachel will capture a heartwarming (& sometimes lively) group photo of your kids, preserving their playful interactions and shared moments.

Whole Family Portrait: The heart of a family session begins and ends with the entire family portrait. This is when everyone comes together, creating a lasting image that defines your family.

Simple Editing Techniques: The photos captured during your Family Session will undergo simple yet effective editing techniques. These techniques enhance the natural beauty of your photographs while maintaining an authentic and timeless appeal. 

Participant Limit: A Family Session is suitable for families of up to 6 people, two adults, and four children. Please let Rachel know if you want to include grandparents, co-parents, or family pets. Whether it's immediate family members or a small group, Rachel will do her best to accommodate your loved ones in these sessions.

Digital Images: Rachel knows that her clients love to share images on social media and choose where to print their images, thats why she provides you with digital images for personal use.

Cost: $150. This includes a digital download of a family portrait, parent portrait, kids group portrait, and individual portrait for each family member.

If you're seeking a way to freeze time and create a visual legacy of your family's journey, book your Family Sessions today.

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What Is Included In A Portrait Session?

The Portrait Sessions is about celebrating you and your unique moments. Here's what you can look forward to in a personalized Portrait Session:

Tailored to Your Needs: Rachel understands that every individual and occasion is unique. That's why Portrait Sessions are customized to suit you.

Versatile Occasions: Portrait Sessions are perfect for many occasions, including seniors' portraits, maternity shoots, engagement sessions, and milestone events, such as graduations. 

Variety of Poses: Rachel will guide you through various expressions and poses, working slowly to ensure you are happy and comfortable during the session.

Editing Techniques: Your images will undergo simple editing techniques that enhance their natural beauty while maintaining a timeless and authentic appeal.

Digital Image Selection: You'll receive five professionally edited digital images from the variety of poses captured.

Participant Limit: Our Portrait Sessions cater to up to two people. Whether you're capturing a special moment with a loved one or seeking a solo experience, these portrait sessions are always a client favorite.

Cost: $150. This includes five digital downloads for you to print or share on social media.

Whether stepping into a new chapter or celebrating a significant moment, these tailored portrait sessions will provide a lasting record of your journey. 

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Should I Book A Child Session?

Child Sessions are all about capturing your children's innocence, energy, and unique personality. Here's what you can expect from a Child Session:

Posed and Candid Moments: Photographer Rachel captures both posed and candid moments, adapting to the child's demeanor and energy. Photos will capture the moments whether your child is camera-ready or lost in the joy of the moment.

Age Suitability: Child Sessions are for children under the age of 10. We understand that children's personalities and expressions evolve during these early years, and Rachel embraces that wonderful diversity during the photo session.

Simple Editing Techniques: Your images will undergo simple editing techniques that enhance their natural beauty while maintaining a timeless and authentic appeal.

Digital Image Selection: You'll receive ten professionally edited digital images from various poses captured.

Cost: $150. This includes five digital downloads for you to print or share on social media.

By combining posed and candid shots, Rachel creates a visual record that captures your child's uniqueness at this fleeting stage of life. Book your photo session today.

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What Is A Fine Art Session?

Fine Art Sessions result in captivating and timeless portraits. Here's a glimpse of what a Fine Art Session entails:

Timeless Portraits: A Fine Art Session offers the opportunity to create portraits that are more than just photographs – they're art pieces destined to hang walls as show-stopping masterpieces. 

Multiple Art Pieces: The beauty of a Fine Art Session lies in its ability to create standout art pieces for your living spaces. Each portrait is a unique creation that adds depth and character to your surroundings. You will receive the digital images to print and create your wall art.

Creative Elements: Depending on the vision for your session, additional lighting, props, and clothing may be incorporated. These elements enrich the visual narrative.

Artistry: Your Fine Art Session will include five fully edited images, each a testament to Rachel's experience as a skilled photographer and Photoshop artist. 

Participant Limit: Fine art sessions are designed for up to two people. Whether it's a couple, friends, or family... 

Cost: $200. This includes five digital downloads for you to print or share on social media.

If you're seeking stunning, wall-hanging-worthy pieces, our Fine Art Sessions offer a canvas for imagination and creativity. Reserve your photo session today.

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Is A Pet Session Right For Me?

Pet Sessions are a heartwarming opportunity to capture the special bond between you and your furry companions. Here's what you can anticipate from a Pet Session:

Pet-Focused Experience: Pet Sessions are designed to celebrate the unique personalities of your beloved pets. Whether you have one, two, or three pets, pet sessions aim to capture their vibrant personality and charming quirks.

Location Choice: The session takes place in a park or a public open space; this provides a natural backdrop that complements the beauty of your pets.

Moments: The session captures a mix of posed shots and candid moments, showcasing the range of emotions and behaviors that make your pets adorable. Rachel understands that pets have their personalities and will embrace moments of spontaneity.

The Bond: Photographer Rachel will encourage you to join in for at least one image during the session. This photograph shows the love and joy you share with your furry friends.

End-of-Life Sessions: Rachel believes that pets hold a special place in our hearts forever, so she offers End of Life Sessions at no cost. These sessions provide a respectful way to honor and remember your pets during their final moments. This session is for one pet only; contact Rachel to discuss your specific needs.

Digital Image Collection: You will receive ten digital images from this session, each lightly edited to enhance the natural image. 

Cost: $150. This includes ten digital downloads for you to print or share on social media.

The images from this session serve as lasting memories that reflect your pets' spirit and character and the companionship your pets bring to your life. 

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What Is A Creative Session?

A Creative Session is a specialized photography experience; before and during a Creative Session, you'll collaborate with Rachel to create a unique image beyond traditional photography.

Image Focus: Each Creative Session results in one final, creative, exceptional image. This image forms after careful planning, thoughtful composition, and meticulous post-processing.

Incorporating Additional Components: The Creative Sessions go beyond standard photography. Rachel integrates additional components in the final image. This means that Rachel will pose you or your child in ways that allow for the seamless integration of other elements, enhancing the visual impact and narrative of the photograph.

Compositing Technique: The technique used to merge various elements into a cohesive image is called compositing. Compositing involves skillfully layering different aspects – such as backgrounds, objects, or people – to create our concept.

Hand Editing: Every image that emerges from a Creative Session undergoes meticulous hand editing. Rachel dedicates hours of time and expertise to enhance each element carefully, ensuring the final result is polished and refined.

Cost: $200

A Creative Session allows your vision and Rachel's expertise to come together to produce an extraordinary piece of art. If you're seeking a truly unique and impactful photographic experience, our Creative Sessions offer an exceptional opportunity to bring your imagination to life, book your session today.

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I Am Looking For Maternity Pictures, What Should I Book?

Rachel recommends a portrait or fine art session for maternity portraits.

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What Is The Difference Between A Portrait Session or A Fine Art Session?

A Fine Art Session focuses on creating artistic, timeless portraits that can be used as impactful wall art. It aims to produce stunning, captivating pieces that elevate spaces and may involve additional creative elements. The session accommodates up to two people, resulting in multiple unique, show-stopping art pieces that reflect depth and character, edited with an artistic touch.

A Portrait Session is personalized to capture subjects' personalities, accommodating up to two people. It offers a variety of occasion coverage, providing edited digital images that reflect individual styles through a mix of posed and candid shots. This session emphasizes personalization and authentic moments.

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Can I Combine Session Types?

Absolutely! Send Rachel an email to discuss your ideal photo session, or make a note on the booking form.

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How Much Is A Photo Shoot?

Family Session: $150

Portrait Session: $150

Child Session: $150

Fine Art Session $200

Creative Session: $200

Fee is due in full on the day of the photo session.

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