The Online Business Mastery Library

The Online Business Mastery Library is a growing list of resources to help you nurture, grow, & scale your business! This library is designed to be a one stop shop for online business owners to grow & scale their business with ease.

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What You Will See Inside?

  • Guides ALWAYS at your fingertips

You can access these guides whenever you need it! You can also download them to keep with you at all times. 

  • Raw, Real, and Tangible Tips

We have worked with a wide range of business owners - from high level executives to business owners just starting out. These are tips we have seen that are tried and true. AND that will ensure you move the needle forward in your business!

  • Continuously Updated

We are determined to support you in every level of your business. We create something new for you EVERY quarter! (You can also request a specific area of business - just send us your request in a contact form)

  • Business Improvement

Through consistently implementing these tips from our guides - you will see your business improve in multiple ways… Your operations will improve. Your marketing will become a breeze. And your admin work will not seem like a drag. Overall, you will feel EXCITED to work each and every day!

What They're Saying...

"Working with Katie and Sara has been a huge blessing for me and my blooming business. Unlike other virtual assistants, with Indigo Elephant Co, you get TWO VAs for the price of ONE! They are incredibly sweet, thorough, communicative, attentive, trustworthy, dependable, and efficient.

They were especially helpful to me when I was super swamped studying for a business certification and could not devote time and attention to my growing social media channels. They literally saved me countless hours & even showed me ways I could be more efficient with my content!"

-Sam Madar, Founder of Soul Wealthy Financial

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A Sneak Peak Inside The Library


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Breakthrough the Business Bottleneck: 3 Unaddressed Areas Costing You Time & Money

Unlock the bottlenecks in your business that are draining your resources. Discover the three under-addressed areas in our free guide and start your journey towards a more efficient and profitable business.


Email Marketing Unlocked: 5 Effortless Steps to Nurture, Grow, and Sell

Break through the email marketing wall! Simplify your approach and turn your audience into buyers with our step-by-step guide. Dive in and learn how to make email marketing work FOR you without the stress or overwhelm many associate with it!


No More Hiring Horror Stories: The Path to Finding Your Dream Contractor

Navigate the hiring process with ease. Our guide provides you with the roadmap to finding and onboarding exceptional contractors, turning team expansion into an exciting venture rather than the next horror story.

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