Learn marketing strategies that helped other home care agencies generate $1.5 million in sales!

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Each day includes a video lesson and worksheet

What's inside this free course?

  1. Day 1: Intro to marketing

    1. Market share: Simple marketing math & growth formula

    2. Positioning and segmenting your market

  2. Day 2: Referrals

    1. Positioning to your referral sources

    2. Objection handling

    3. Building a list of referral sources

  3. Day 3: Private Pay

    1. Where are the private pay clients?

    2. How to get to them (Adwords, SEO, Other)

    3. Objection handling

  4. Day 4: Online marketing: Google

    1. Why Google is king for home care marketing

    2. Different parts of Google (Ads and SEO) and how they work

    3. Your Google Business Profile

    4. Why your physical office address plays a key role

    5. Your website and the role it plays in online marketing

  5. Day 5: Online marketing: Google Ad

    1. What is it and why is it so effective

    2. How home care agencies can use Google Ads to market their services

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