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Ride Better in 30 Minutes!

The 7 Somatic Exercises that help you unwind aches & stiffness in your neck, shoulders, hips, knees and hands, activate your core and ditch bad riding habits without doing any core strengthening, stretching or breaking a sweat!

Melt away your tension to:

  • sit or stand with effortless good posture

  • easily follow your horses movement

  • comfortably open your hips and lengthen your legs

  • ease aches and reverse stiffness in your body

  • ride with a neutral spine & soft hands (and more!)

How to get YOUR BODY to work for you when you want to be an effortless equestrian, not just an achey horse-lover...

The fastest way to 10X FEEL!

  • Learn how to easily Feel what your body is doing and where you are in space so you can be a natural with horses & feel less like an awkward or struggling student

  • Discover the easy way to free yourself from soreness, stiffness & the old habits that are restricting your independent seat, limiting your energy and blocking your horses movement.

  • See how I easily include these short exercises in my barn routine (so no more excuses for not making time to show up as your best self for your horse).

Finally consistently grow your FEEL, right now!

How to leverage new neuro-muscular recalibration techniques to your advantage... when hours apprenticing to a 'guru' or meditating on mindfulness aren't your jam.

Be your own 'bodyworker' to Ride with less Pain

The fastest way to reduce tension and stiffness in your body so you can easily follow the movement of any horse and access your personal energy as needed.

Create deeper Connections with horses

The simple system that builds stronger relationships by up-leveling the clarity of your aids and automatically offering more authentic communication to your horse.


Learn an easy DIY Equine Hanna Somatics® Exercise!

Help your horse instantly reduce extra tension s/he is unconsciously 'holding' in the neck/shoulder area...

Why did I create a free training about 'riding position' when my claim-to-fame is that I can teach you Feel, relax your horse and improve Nervous System function?

I still love to teach riders, but I don't enjoy teaching the same old position-position-position lessons when most of us can't even feel where our stubborn bodies are going wrong...

I have nothing against all the wonderful trainers and instructors who are out there working hard teaching lessons and trying their best to help their students make progress and learn to 'feel it."

It's just not me anymore, because I found something that WORKS WAAAAAAAAY BETTER.

If I hadn't stumbled across Hanna Somatics over a decade ago, and recognized the power it has to improve our riding abilities, feel-abilities and horsemanship development by 100X, this training wouldn't exist.

But I know there are tons of other equestrians out there who are frustrated with their inability to escape their old habits and are looking for a tool that actually teaches them how to embody the information we are getting from our instructors.

And nobody is effectively teaching us how to actually FEEL what our bodies are doing, or how to un-learn old habits so that we can create the mental and physical 'space' to become natural riders or 'horse-whisperers' and not just struggle as forever-students!

After several years of teaching various Somatic Exercises to riders trainers and equine bodyworkers all over the world, I'm happy to report that I've found the exact exercises most equestrians need to immediately start unwinding their most frustrating seat, posture and position challenges.

So I put them into this short video course for you.

The awesome news is, they use the same powerful natural reflexes to relax tension, ease pain and reverse the aging process that I'm known for sharing with horses - so it's a no-brainer for us humans to be doing this stuff too.

Start the (free) Ride Better in 30 Minutes video course now!

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