Optimizing Mental Health Clinical Workflow & Documentation with Clinicom​


Monday, November 20th
12PM CT | 1PM ET | 10AM PT

About The Webinar

Join us on November 20th at 12 PM CT for an enlightening webinar presented by Ignacio Handal, a leading expert in healthcare technology solutions and winner of the 2022 Clinical Trials Lifetime Achievement Award. The webinar, titled "Optimizing Mental Health Clinical Workflow & Documentation with Clinicom​," is designed to introduce clinicians to the transformative power of Clinicom in streamlining mental health workflows and enhancing patient documentation processes.

What You'll Learn

In this session, Ignacio will focus on the many challenges mental health professionals face with traditional documentation methods and how Clinicom's innovative platform can alleviate these pain points. Attendees will gain insights into:

  • The integration of intuitive technology to simplify daily tasks.

  • Strategies for reducing administrative burdens to focus more on patient care.

  • The utilization of Clinicom's features for seamless documentation, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

  • Real-time data management that supports clinical decisions and improves patient outcomes.

Why Clinicians Should Attend?

As a clinician in the mental health field, you understand the importance of efficient workflow management and the impact it has on both patient care and your well-being. This webinar is a must-attend event for those looking to:

  • Enhance Efficiency: Discover how Clinicom can help you reduce the time spent on paperwork, allowing for more patient interaction and care provision.

  • Improve Accuracy: Learn about tools that assist in creating precise and comprehensive patient records, which are crucial for effective treatment planning and continuity of care.

  • Stay Compliant: Understand how Clinicom's solutions can help you navigate the complex landscape of healthcare regulations, ensuring that your documentation meets all legal and professional standards.

  • Boost Patient Engagement: Explore features that enable you to engage patients more effectively in their care process, leading to better health outcomes.



Ignacio Handal

Ignacio Handal is the CEO at Clinicom Healthcare. Ignacio has completed a multitude of FDA phase I, II, & III studies in pharmaceuticals, and devices over two decades. Ignacio has completed more Pharma sponsored clinical research studies than 99.8% of all clinical researchers internationally per Mr. Handal has completed clinical studies that have help put a myriad of drugs and devices to market over the last twenty years, These products have touched the lives of over a two hundred million patients. In 2022 Ignacio was honored with one of the highest honors in Clinical Research, the Christine Pierre Clinical trials lifetime achievement award. Only 8 clinical researchers globally have ever been awarded this honor.

Mr. Handal has led the creation and development of two nationally recognized US clinical research centers, Harmonex Neuroscience Research and Trinity Research at Eye Center South. Harmonex Neuroscience is the clinical research institute that gave birth to Clinicom at its inception, Prior to Clinicom, Ignacio was Director of Clinical Project Management and Director of Program Management at Biorasi, a global CRO. He was Director of Clinical Research at Eye Center South the Third largest surgical center ASC in the USA from 2015-8/2018 where he founded their research division.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this pivotal moment in mental health care evolution. Reserve your spot today and step into the future with Clinicom.

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