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Fax: 520 800-1055 // A Bariatric Surgery and Non-Surgical Weight Loss practice in Tucson, AZ

Top-Tier Self-Pay Surgery That Puts You First!

  • Complication rate in the lowest 10% in the US

  • 4000+ Bariatric procedures

  • Author of three books and Podcast Host






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The good news is, that we offer an affordable self-pay option.

  • Dr. Weiner is located in Tucson, Arizona

  • All procedures are performed at a Center Of Excellence certified hospital, not an ambulatory surgery center

  • Both in-person and telemedicine options for pre- and post-operative care.

  • Dedicated to helping patients achieve sustainable weight loss through long-term care and accountability.

Benefits of Self-Pay with Dr. Weiner

Transparent Pricing:

No surprises! Understand exactly what you're paying for with our inclusive pricing package.

Experience Matters:

Dr. Weiner has performed over 4,000 bariatric surgeries with less than a 1% rate of serious complications, which puts him in the top 10% in the country for patient safety. You get full-service care with an overnight stay at a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence certified hospital, not a minimal-service ambulatory surgery center.

Comprehensive Care:

We make sure you succeed in your weight loss goals start to finish. From preoperative evaluations to long-term follow-up care, we're with you for the long haul and committed to your success every step of the way.

Nutrition Program Membership:

Get the nutritional coaching and support you need for long-term success from our registered dietitian/nutritionist, Zoe Schroeder! Includes a one-year membership in our postoperative Metabolic Reset nutrition program and signed copies of all three of Dr. Weiner's books.

See what results we can get you


Highest lifetime weight: 316 Preoperative weight: 278

Most recent weight: 186

I come from big people. Both of my parents are heavy and so genetically, I’ve got that behind me. And we were raised with eating fast food and takeout.

About eight years ago, I was faced with some health challenges and was told to take a medication that I did not want to take. And so, I had asked the doctor, “you know, can you give me 60 days to change things up?” And that’s when I really fell in love with exercise... and healthier eating.

I lost 100 pounds on my own, naturally. And that stayed off for about seven years. And then 2022 was a rough year. I had some medical challenges and rapidly I started to develop a lot of different problems. Type two diabetes was one. I developed non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. I gained 80 pounds in four months and nobody knew what was going on with me.

After I had an endo, I was referred to Dr. Weiner. We determined surgery was going to be my best bet. I had surgery on December 23, 2022, and by March my type two diabetes was gone. My liver was 100% healed. I’m almost healthier than I was in my 20s and I am grateful for your help. But I’m also grateful for the work that I put in for myself to make sure that I have that ability to feel good.


Highest lifetime weight: 295

Preoperative weight: 265

Most recent weight: 166

I’m not a unique bariatric patient. I wasn’t obese as a child, but when I hit puberty, (and I hit puberty pretty early, like 11 years old) dieting seemed like a rite of passage.

I compared myself to my peers, and they were all thin little girls, and I was getting curves, and so that meant I needed to diet. And I didn’t even realize until the last few years that that behavior actually broke something in my metabolism....

When I hit 60, I started having all this ridiculous pain. I lost a job that I loved because I couldn’t hardly walk or stand. I had to use a cane. So, I made an appointment to see Dr. Weiner. When I met with him, I weighed 295 pounds. So, I had the gastric bypass.

I got out of bed immediately after surgery and I could walk. I wasn’t even using the cane, and I was blown away. Now I can walk for hours without any problem. And it’s changed what I eat too. I mean, I crave fruits and nuts now.

I weighed myself today and I’m 166 pounds.


Highest lifetime weight: 360

Preoperative weight: 351

Most recent weight: 211

I thought I was perfectly fine at 360 pounds. I thought nothing was wrong with me, except that everything started hurting. So, I went to my primary care doctor and she told me my blood pressure was 180 over 110. She wanted to put me on prescriptions for blood pressure and I'm like, “I'm not taking those.”

She said, “Well, have you ever considered a gastric bypass? I know a really, really good doctor... in town.” (Talking about Dr. Weiner) So, I made the appointment.

I had the gastric bypass surgery April 10th of 2023 and after Dr. Weiner gave me the OK, I started hitting the gym. After a few months, I started to see my body changing. It's a good feeling, and that kept me going. Just seeing those results.

Dr Weiner told me that I would lose about 125 pounds in a year and I did that in 10 months because of that working out. Now, I am two pounds away from 150 pounds lost. I'm 211.

What's Included In The Self-Pay Package

$300 Initial Consultation Includes:

30-minute consultation with Dr. Weiner

$300 applied to surgery cost if you choose to proceed

Surgery Costs Includes:

Surgeon and assistant


One-night stay at Tucson Medical Center

Pre-operative lab work and EKG at Tucson Medical Center

Post-operative care for 90-days provided by the Pound of Cure team

One-year access to our Registered Dietition-led nutrition program

No hidden costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about bariatric surgery? Check out our FAQs for answers to common inquiries

What types of weight loss surgery do you offer?

Dr. Weiner offers both Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy surgeries, as well as Bariatric Surgery Revision procedures and Hernia repair. Dr. Weiner and his staff provide comprehensive care both before and after surgery to help optimize recovery and help maintain sustainable with loss over your lifetime.

Where are you located?

Our office is located at 5155 E Farness Drive, Suite #111A, Tucson, AZ 85712. We primarily serve individuals in Tucson, AZ, but also have many patients from surrounding areas and even outside of Arizona. Our office is conveniently located across the street from Tucson Medical Center where we perform our self-pay surgeries.

How long do I need to be off of work after surgery?

Dr. Weiner recommends taking two weeks off after sleeve gastrectomy and three weeks off after gastric bypass surgery to ensure a smooth transition back to work. Many patients are eager to get back to work sooner and this is often possible. To discuss your scheduling needs, please contact our team here >

How will my diet change after Bariatric Surgery?

Your diet will change before bariatric surgery and continue to change after the surgery. Before the surgery you will be required to participate in a pre-op diet that will help prepare your body and organs for surgery. Immediately after surgery you will be placed on a liquid diet. That is followed by soft foods and eventually you will transition to regular whole foods again.

Do you offer self-pay surgery to out of state patients?

Yes, we do! For your convenience we can complete your initial consultation and pre-operative appointment virtually and work with you to establish with providers in your area for any necessary clearance. Once you are scheduled for surgery, you'll travel to Tucson for inpatient surgery at Tucson Medical Center.
While we only expect you to stay in the hospital for one night, we ask that you remain in Tucson for one week to recover and have your first post-op appointment. If all is well, you can return home and continue regular follow-up with us virtually. We are happy to recommend accommodation in Tucson depending on your preferences and budget.

Take the next step

Out of Network Surgery:

Dr. Weiner participates in most BCBS, Medicare, AHCCCS, AETNA, and United Health Care plans. If you are out of network with Dr. Weiner, he still offers affordable payment options that may still be partially covered by your insurance plan.

Most patients who work with Dr. Weiner out of network will pay between $3,000-$5,000 in surgical fees. The remainder of your surgical fees will likely be covered as in-network services. These fees include access to Dr. Weiner’s exceptional surgical safety record, comprehensive preoperative and postoperative evaluations performed directly by him, one year access of our proprietary Metabolic Reset nutrition program, and access to our insurance concierge program if you want to combine GLP-1 weight loss medications with your surgical treatment.

If you require additional surgery for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a complex hiatal hernia, or other complications related to bariatric surgery, Dr. Weiner offers a program for out-of-network patients that can keep your out-of-pocket costs reasonable.

"Dr. Weiner is the best! Had weight loss surgery a little over a year ago and had the best experience. He explained the before-and-after process in detail. I love the fact he answers my questions with a simple email. He always quickly responded to all my messages and questions. If you are considering weight loss surgery, he is definitely the best doctor. Down 110 pounds thanks to Dr. Weiner!"

— Maria

"Dr. Weiner and the entire staff at Pound of Cure Weight Loss are completely supportive and teach you everything you need to know to be successful with your weight loss journey. You are truely cared for and cared about here. They have been a lifesaver in more ways than I can count."

— Raven

"Pound of cure weight loss and Dr.Weiner and his staff has literally saved my life. I can't begin to express the professionalism and compassion I received. Dr.Weiner was caring , knowledgeable and got me through 2 surgeries in one year with no complications.Forever grateful to the full staff and everyone involved in making my life good again."

— Erika

"Dr. Weiner and his staff are amazing! They all were so helpful before, during, and even now after surgery! The resources they have available and their never-ending knowledge is so helpful. It's a big decision to get any type of surgery, but I would definitely recommend Pound of Cure. Dr. Weiner and his team are excellent!"

— Mona Lisa

"I can not recommend Dr.Weiner and his office enough!! They made every step Of the process so easy and smooth for me! Dr. W is always available to answer questions and offer advice quickly, which is rare when working with most drs. So happy and grateful I found Pound of Cure!"

— Lauren

"Pound of Cure Weight Loss is superb! Dr. Weiner and his staff are very knowledgeable and really on top of everything. I felt like I was in good hands right from the start. I appreciated how Dr. Weiner thoroughly explained my options along with the pros and cons. Everyone listened to me and answered all of my questions. I am so pleased with the results and very glad I had the surgery. It is one of the best decisions I have made! Thank you to everyone at Pound of Cure Weight Loss for your ongoing support!"

— Denise

"Dr. Weiner is amazing surgeon! I had my gastric bypass done with him and I could not have asked for a better experience and journey. No complications, I'm already down to my goal weight and I would do it all over again if I needed to with him. Definitely recommend!"

— Miguel

"Dr. Weiner saved my life. He is such a sweet kind man and really listens to your concerns. I don't know if I would even be here if it weren't for him and his staff. Truly a great doctor and man."

— DaCee

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