Impound Auctions, made easy!

  • List vehicles online
  • Attract more buyers
  • Sell for more

“Rocket Auction delivered exactly what they said they would. They provided my team the onboarding we needed, sold every car in the auction and I made more money than I did with my physical auction. I’d suggest every tower use Rocket Auction.”

-Art Amirkhas, Morris & Sons Towing


Cars sell for 30-40% more than traditional auctions


Free service for Towers as the buyers pay a small processing fee


Take your auctions to the next dimension with Rocket Auction

Your impound vehicles are worth more than you see today!

The Tool to host your Auctions

  • Load pictures of the vehicles you want to auction
  • Set your minimum price, reserve price and auction end date/time
  • Select your audience. Our National network of buyers + Your current network of buyers
  • We promote your auction across multiple channels

Sell your vehicles for more than you get today

  • More buyers = more bidding = higher prices
  • Easy platform for the buyers to use
  • Towers using Rocket Auction are seeing a 30%-40% increase in sales price
  • Collect Cash or CC payment when vehicles get picked up within 48 hours

Every Towing Business can afford to try it

This auction tool has no fee's for the tower

Buyers pay a small fee at the close of auction


"Holding my own auction will require too many man hours."

"For the amount of time I spend now, I'm getting the best price I can get for my impounds."

"I would have to change the buyers I like working with."

"I won't get these cars off my lot as fast or as easy as I do today."


1 designated employee can list an average of 20 vehicles per 1 hour.

You are currently discounting your impound vehicles up to 40%

Keep your buyer relationships and let us help grow your auction audience

You choose how long after the auction ends that buyers have to pick up the vehicle (48/72hrs)

Who We Are

Ethan Galloway and Ty Lambert have been involved in the towing industry over the last 11 years and have teamed up to offer Rocket Auction to you.

Ethan Galloway

Ethan spent 8 years in sales and leadership roles with a towing dispatch software company.

During those years, Ethan worked with many towing businesses, addressing the needs they faced and helped find the best solutions.

Ty Lambert

Ty spent 6 years with TomTom Telematics in sales and leadership roles, providing GPS solutions for the towing industry.

Ty also often spent his days in the offices of towing businesses and in trucks on calls, finding ways to help a business be more efficient. He also sponsored the Survivor Fund Golf Classic multiple years in Florida and is well known in the towing industry.

All our software is development and support teams are in the USA and fully committed to helping towers make more money.