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Are you a leader who feels like nothing you do is ever enough? You struggle to retain staff and your team wants a better culture and more communication. We are a consulting company that helps zoos improve culture and reduce turnover.

Our Method

Leadership Coaching Animals Amplified
"We brought LynnLee in as a consultant to build on communication and teamwork for our team. We also added on the option to have her consult with me on management, marketing, and overall operations. I had no idea how beneficial it was to have her consult with me one on one after the team workshops.
I had vague ideas of what future goals I had for the team and our facility. LynnLee was able to sit down with me to work out smaller goals in order to reach these larger goals. Additionally, she helped me build out an accountability chart to track progress on a weekly basis with a follow up from LynnLee each week to keep the momentum going forward.

The accountability chart and weekly check ins from LynnLee help keep me on track with my goals while helping prevent the feeling of being severely overwhelmed. I finally feel like I am making progress for the facility by having tangible goals and measurables to review on a regular basis."

- Denise Souffrant - Ranch Manager Lion Habitat Ranch

About Us

We help you reduce your turnover

I was a zookeeper myself, I struggled with feeling unappreciated, overworked, and unheard.

I found my solution to these struggles when I learned how to effectively advocate for myself, my team, and my animals. My reward? Being promoted to middle management.

If you're a middle manager, I'm sure you're laughing right now. It doesn't feel much like an award. I learned how to control what was within my circle of influence, assume best intent in those around me, and understand how to communicate in an effective way.

As a COO at a zoo, I'm still working daily to bridge the gap between leadership and front line teams. It takes daily work to build trust, earn respect, and work together towards a goal. Sometimes all you need is a little push and some accountability to make things happen.

Let's reduce your turnover and improve your culture together so you and your team can accomplish their true mission of providing impeccable animal care and inspiring future conservationist.

Our services


We work with you to identify your unique issues and challenges. Leadership coaching isn't a one-sized fits all approach. We'll assess where you and your team are culturally. Then we'll envision where you want to be. Finally, we'll create a step-by-step plan to get you there.


Everyone knows that a plan without execution is no use. With our weekly, monthly, and quarterly check-ins we'll work together to make sure that we're moving towards your goals. We'll document our steps, set clear measurables, and execute on the plan.


Wouldn't it be nice to finally know what you're doing is working? Together we'll have measurables to track, SMART goals, and each week you'll know you're winning. These measurables act as an alarm, letting us know where issues are and when they might arise.


What About Our Customer Say?

"The absolute best for all things animal training and people related. LynnLee's a great accountability partner in reaching my goals and improving my team."


Amy Mohr

"I appreciate the positive, engaging, and informative learning that Animals Amplified has brought to me! If you're looking to gain more knowledge, respark your passion, or get a new perspective Animals Amplified is for you!"


Alexx Bigham

"This is a great resource for managers, veteran keepers as well as those that are considering entering the field. Thank you Animals Amplified for your "positive reinforcement" for people in the field of animal care."


Vanessa Roer

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